artists: thru the hands...Patrick Duperron

I met Patrick Duperron while visiting Mougins (small medieval village located in the hilltops of Cannes, France). As I was walking by Patrick's studio I peered into the window and found him painting away on a canvas. Seeing my shadow he turned his head and invited me in to see his artwork....which I did...and which I loved. Patrick has a great passion which you'll see in his paintings. His work seems like a cross-pollination of Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso. 

He was more than happy to be photographed and be a part of  my "artists: thru the hands" project.  

The village of Mougins is small and comforting. Perhaps it's the old buildings, the water, or elevation or a combination of all these but there's definitely something about Mougins that makes it strangely familiar (like you've read about this place in some book way back when). Maybe that's why so many famous artists, intellects and celebrities alike have lived or passed through there. It was after all where Picasso spent his last twelve years and where he found his final resting place.