The Streets of Paris

Make no mistake Paris is the mecca for street photography. A couple glasses of wine, Edith Piaf on MP3, a few macaroons, a cafe au lait to wash all that down and soon you'll find yourself care-free, immersed in the city, and settled into a perambulatory rhythmn...all the while taking photos of Parisians in action. Here are some shots of:

  1. a procession of bagpipers
  2. gendarmerie at a protest
  3. the pigeon man (because every city has a few of them)
  4. French umbrellas and the shoppers under them
  5. a Japanese tourist in a Kimono taking a photo in front of a Cartier store
  6. a perturbed driver of a mini-cooper   
  7. two very small smart cars
  8. a guy that defines style
  9. a couture wedding-dress maker (my favorite....this guy and his workshop were surreal)