Annie and Kevin's Engagement Shoot: The Lighter Side of the Bay

We must have spent most of the time laughing with this animated couple (who came all the way from Taiwan) as we hit up several locations in SF and the East Bay. What a pleasure it was to shoot Annie and Kevin. Thank you both for being so easy to work with and fun. Here are some of our favorite shots in multiple different styles. We'll send you the rest shortly

Therina's Bridal Shower

We got a chance to shoot Therina's bridal shower (part II of a part III Therina saga). What a great time with a cool bunch of ladies. Thanks to Angela, the rest of the bridesmaids, friends and family for the hilarious poses, laughter, and awesome food. Here are some of our favorite shots from the day.      

9/11 Tribute in Light

Each year the World Trade Center lights come on for a few days in remembrance of 9/11. The lights are eerie yet comforting and the entire area (just for those few days) is just a tad bit quieter than usual.  Like a moth drawn to the flame these lights attract bugs, birds (b/c of the bugs) and of course tourists and photographers. One of the challenges is framing. You can always take photos of the lights from far away on the backdrop of the cityscape. As you get closer framing disappears. It took me awhile but I was able to find an interesting polygon formed by surrounding buildings to frame the lights. 

Therina and Ben's Engagement Shoot: Fun Weather in SF and East Bay

FINALLY got a chance to update this blog!

Ichiro (the newest member to egami obscura) and I had the pleasure of photographing Therina and Ben for their e-session this summer. Whirling around the different microclimates in San Francisco and the Bay was certainly interesting, challenging and enriching. We started off near the Golden Gate Bridge where we were quickly met with cold mist, high winds and thick fog flowing in from the Pacific...we were pretty much in a John Carpenter film. And yet Therina and Ben were between all the shivering and body numbing they remained poised and focused with style and grace and full of smiles. We were able to capture some great shots because of this. The next destination was North Beach where we found ourselves in a picturesque sunny day perched in an outdoor cafe sipping on an espresso...we were in disbelief. The last e-session began and ended in cold, overcast, windy weather (again) in the East Bay but the silver lining here was that it gave us more areas to shoot in as the weather deterred most of the picnickers. Once again Therina and Ben were troopers and the result -> a great variety of expressions, scenes and viewpoints. Below are some of our favorite shots from their e-sessions.